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Hello DW/LJ buddies!
For those of you who are attending PantheaCon this year, I wanted to let you know about an event I'm leading. I'm putting together the Furious Revels, a parade in the style of the Perchten/Krampus parades, with the intention of using an old tried & true ritual method from our European ancestors to cleanse the conference/hotel of ill-meaning wights. I would LOVE it if any of you who may be at P-Con this year would participate!  The parade will happen on Friday night during the dinner hour, so as to not interfere with other rituals & workshops.  Here's the program description for more info:

In communities throughout Europe stretching back over 2500 years, folks have gathered during the dark season, donned grotesque masks and bestial costumes, and wildly cavorted through their towns to drive out evil spirits and the doldrums of winter.  Let’s prepare the hotel for PantheaCon properly with a good, thorough and time-tested European cleansing tradition.  Bring your furs, antlers, horns, masks, grotesque costumes, rattles, drums, bells, and brooms. Join the Furious Revels for a wild cavort, and let’s cleanse the Doubletree from evil spirits and ill-meaning wights the old fashioned way!

I've even gotten a horse skull and will be crafting a very old-style "hobby horse".  I am really excited about this and would love for you guys to join me.  Programming asked if I could give them an approximate ball-park figure of how many people I think will be joining me, so if you are thinking of attending, let me know!  I am so incredibly excited about this - I've been researching these types of parades/revels for weeks!  I've commissioned this awesome artist to make me a pair of amazing huge wearable ram horns, and the hobby horse should be amazing.

Here's a video of a Krampus parade, I think in either Germany or Austria:

More resources! (this is as much for me as for anyone else... this way I have my links in a common location)
Alpine country traditions:
Perchtenlaufen in Austria:
Zvoncari traditions in Croatia:
Kurentovanje traditions in Slovenia:
Old mask found in Dorset, shows similar ritual elements:
More on Dorset Ooser:
Bulgarian traditions, going back to Ancient Thrace:
In Bulgarian but the pictures are amazing:
Hungarian version:
In Croatian, but has amazing slide show of masks & costumes:
Mari Lwyd from Wales:
The Golowan festival is a Cornish midsummer festival but has similar structure:
Hobby horse customs throughout Europe:

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F*ck this day. I'm giving up and reading Inception fanfic.

Arthur just saved Eames from a giant inflatable radish.

this...? somehow is making stuff better.

That and you-tube videos of bulldogs jumping on trampolines.

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Odin taught my Zumba class last night. I am not kidding. )
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Daddy's Ooga Booga Caveman Diet )
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I am reading through the F.A.Q. for a homeopathic based "alternative to weight loss" program. At first I was thinking, yay! Alternative to weight loss! Maybe they're talking some sense?  ...Yeah SO MUCH no.  

Here we go, another serious rant about dangerous diets. This rant with BONUS SCIENCE. )

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I just got a call from a client asking if I could let her know what protein powder her daughter had been taking, because they want a refill and the daughter is out of town. She said it had been "a little while" since the daughter had been in to see us.

I went into the daughter's chart to see if I could figure out which protein powder we'd recommended. The daughter did indeed take a protein powder from our clinic - back in 1999.  *sigh*  seriously? we don't even carry that product anymore - it was THIRTEEN YEARS AGO.

I love my job.
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Grrr and sigh.

So being a nutritionist, I'm on a bunch of email lists etc for work. I got a message today that one of the big supplement and education companies I work with (who generally do really fantastic continuing education, actually) is having a "functional medicine study group" in my area. This month's topic is on "weight loss resistance" - basically, when a client is doing "everything right" and they're still not losing weight, what other things might a practitioner try to get their client's weight loss kick-started.

I am really really really tempted to attend the meeting, and basically announce "you leave them alone and let them be the healthy size their body is happy being".  This crap makes me incendiary-level mad. If a client is HEALTHY according to standard lab markers as well as  having a felt sense of well-being/being free of symptoms such as pain etc., and is EATING WELL and is EXERCISING REGULARLY, then the only reason I can think of for insisting on extraordinary weight loss methods is fat-phobia and some warped sense of fashion.  Which are NOT GOOD EXCUSES for potentially putting someone's body/health at risk. I mean sure, if there's an underlying blood sugar imbalance (diabetes or pre-diabetes), or an undiagnosed hormone problem like hashimoto's thyroiditis, then yeah improving someone's overall health is always a good idea. But even once you get their blood sugar more calibrated, even if you get them on a thyroid supporting protocol, while they might lose a few pounds, they also might not. And there's a strong possibility that your client/patient is still going to be larger than what is considered desireable in our fat-phobic culture.  Also? They may be currently perfectly healthy, and if you start trying to aggressively get their bodies to be smaller, you may actually be taking a healthy person and make them sick, or increasing their long term health risks.  Seriously. It is simply NOT TRUE that thinner always equals health improvement/reduced health risk.

I really shouldn't go to this meeting. I will just yell and alienate a room full of people. I already have Opinions on this, and it will only be disruptive if I attend. And I will leave even angrier than I was when I got there, most likely. This is not a useful way to spend my time. But BOY HOWDY am I tempted to go anyway...
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The buffalo jerky came out so delicious I want to eat it all and roll on the floor like a happy dog.

The cinnamon rosehip trail mix came out so good I ate entirely too much of it yesterday and made myself sick.

The sauerkraut is off to an excellent start! This batch is just cabbage and fresh ginger (since my belly's been bad lately, I figured belly soothing herbs and probiotic cultured veggies sounded like the best idea ever).

The pumpernickel gf rolls are awesome! and this batch I made with the homemade mozzarella that kinda failed otherwise, but was fine for making tapioca bread.

I just got a recipe for limoncello that I'm intrigued by... and even though I don't really drink alcohol myself, I think it would make nice gifts or occasional ice cream topper. If it's made right, limoncello doesn't really spoil... A client has been giving me tons of meyer lemons, so I'm thinking meyer lemon's apparently best if it ages at least a year anyway, so...

Got a recipe for gf peanut butter cookies too, but I"m not sure given the state of mah belleh that cookies are such a good idea...

And as soon as I have a minute, I'm gonna go buy a mini fridge to convert into a cheese cave and start on the Great Gouda Adventure. Woot!
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Not entirely sure what's going on with me right now but it's being a weird week. Not bad exactly, just free-floaty. My brain is in a million places so this (like many of my posts :) ) will probably be a bit on the free-association side.

Personal Training, Spirity Stuff, Loki, Work Idiocy and Jewish Mysticism. Look! A bear post! )

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Livejournal is being weird so I've decided that I'm gonna post here since I'm here anyway. I keep meaning to start cross-posting, but I'm not sure how to rig it so that if I post something here, it cross posts but still stays under a filter on LJ. I'm sure there's a way to do it... anyone wanna tell me how? :)

Cut for venting about sizeism and people randomly announcing who they will and will not sleep with. If you act like an idiot, expect to be mocked for it. )
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Life is rolling along. Seriously, between kittens and cheesemaking, my mood has pretty dramatically improved. It's the little things, ya know?

So I've waxed my cheese and set it to age. (wow, seriously, "Waxing my Cheese" just sounds SO DIRTY. I don' t even know what that might mean, but it sounds bad. "Hey bearfairie, whatcha doin tonight?" "WAXING MY CHEESE". Seriously? Eeew.) Look! A picture!

(why yes, my label says "Yay cheese!" in the lower right corner. This has caused [info]jcalanthe to announce the label may as well have said, "My First Hard Cheese, by Bearfairie, Age 5". I'm getting mocked.)

It won't be ready for a few months but that's ok. I can wait.



Is it done yet?

The best thing about having food-related hobbies is EATING THEM. I made homemade pizza for dinner last night. Seriously homemade! I made the crust from scratch, I made sauteed broccoli & leeks to use for "sauce" (I was clean out of tomatoes), and I MADE THE MOZZARELLA! I am so proud I could explode. Also it was super super delicious. *dances*. There's something about eating food that I've made for reals from scratch that just makes me really really happy. I know the quality, I know the effort put into it, and I just feel proud as well as well-nourished. Even better is FEEDING HOMEMADE FOOD TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. That's my other favorite part :).

Course, dinner didn't happen til way later than I meant it to, on account of kittens being kittens. Here, another picture:

That's the 2 of them asleep between me and the chair. They were both periodically purring and snuggling in deeper. I am the original cat sucker. When the first cat decided to come inside the cave where it was warm and dry and some random upright monkey was willing to feed you in exchange for ear scritches, I was probably that first monkey. I'm sure she was a distant relative, anyway.

And in totally unrelated but happy-making news, I bought a ridiculously architectural item of clothing. It's basically... a shirt. Sweater. Wrap shirt. Top. yeah it's a top. But it's two separate pieces, each with a sleeve. Did I already link to this on etsy? Here's a link. I'm wearing it today over an ankle-length tube dress and feel very chic and fashionable, which is actually kinda hard to do when you're supposed to wear all white modest clothing. I also got 2 new crocheted hats from my little sister, who is a total rockstar, and I bought a hat from a friend's sister who just opened a custom knitting business! Check her out, she's sweet and affordable and reliable and great, and her stuff is cute.

So yeah. My life is full of cheese, kittens, fashionable clothes, and custom knitted hats. It just doesn't get better than that :)

Tonight and tomorrow is Yom Kippur, so I'm heading up to SF for services with my darling B & R, then off to do my yearly ritual tomorrow (every year on Yom Kippur I do a yearly accounting - go back through my journals & calendars month by month, figuring out what I've done, what I've learned, what I've screwed up, etc. I take in the lessons and let go of whatever I don't want to bring into the next year. It's a really grounding and cleansing process, and I've done this every year since... 1994 I think. It keeps my head in order.), then will hit evening services in SF to wrap up the holiday, and then go over to my Padrino's for a rogacion. Lots of good stuff.
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I'm experimenting with cross-posting to dreamwidth. I am so completely 'puter illiterate but we'll see how this works out...
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