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The buffalo jerky came out so delicious I want to eat it all and roll on the floor like a happy dog.

The cinnamon rosehip trail mix came out so good I ate entirely too much of it yesterday and made myself sick.

The sauerkraut is off to an excellent start! This batch is just cabbage and fresh ginger (since my belly's been bad lately, I figured belly soothing herbs and probiotic cultured veggies sounded like the best idea ever).

The pumpernickel gf rolls are awesome! and this batch I made with the homemade mozzarella that kinda failed otherwise, but was fine for making tapioca bread.

I just got a recipe for limoncello that I'm intrigued by... and even though I don't really drink alcohol myself, I think it would make nice gifts or occasional ice cream topper. If it's made right, limoncello doesn't really spoil... A client has been giving me tons of meyer lemons, so I'm thinking meyer lemon's apparently best if it ages at least a year anyway, so...

Got a recipe for gf peanut butter cookies too, but I"m not sure given the state of mah belleh that cookies are such a good idea...

And as soon as I have a minute, I'm gonna go buy a mini fridge to convert into a cheese cave and start on the Great Gouda Adventure. Woot!

Date: 2012-02-28 08:04 pm (UTC)
jcalanthe: terry from batman beyond (mmmterry)
From: [personal profile] jcalanthe
I too have thought about making limoncello...


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