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Life is rolling along. Seriously, between kittens and cheesemaking, my mood has pretty dramatically improved. It's the little things, ya know?

So I've waxed my cheese and set it to age. (wow, seriously, "Waxing my Cheese" just sounds SO DIRTY. I don' t even know what that might mean, but it sounds bad. "Hey bearfairie, whatcha doin tonight?" "WAXING MY CHEESE". Seriously? Eeew.) Look! A picture!

(why yes, my label says "Yay cheese!" in the lower right corner. This has caused [info]jcalanthe to announce the label may as well have said, "My First Hard Cheese, by Bearfairie, Age 5". I'm getting mocked.)

It won't be ready for a few months but that's ok. I can wait.



Is it done yet?

The best thing about having food-related hobbies is EATING THEM. I made homemade pizza for dinner last night. Seriously homemade! I made the crust from scratch, I made sauteed broccoli & leeks to use for "sauce" (I was clean out of tomatoes), and I MADE THE MOZZARELLA! I am so proud I could explode. Also it was super super delicious. *dances*. There's something about eating food that I've made for reals from scratch that just makes me really really happy. I know the quality, I know the effort put into it, and I just feel proud as well as well-nourished. Even better is FEEDING HOMEMADE FOOD TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. That's my other favorite part :).

Course, dinner didn't happen til way later than I meant it to, on account of kittens being kittens. Here, another picture:

That's the 2 of them asleep between me and the chair. They were both periodically purring and snuggling in deeper. I am the original cat sucker. When the first cat decided to come inside the cave where it was warm and dry and some random upright monkey was willing to feed you in exchange for ear scritches, I was probably that first monkey. I'm sure she was a distant relative, anyway.

And in totally unrelated but happy-making news, I bought a ridiculously architectural item of clothing. It's basically... a shirt. Sweater. Wrap shirt. Top. yeah it's a top. But it's two separate pieces, each with a sleeve. Did I already link to this on etsy? Here's a link. I'm wearing it today over an ankle-length tube dress and feel very chic and fashionable, which is actually kinda hard to do when you're supposed to wear all white modest clothing. I also got 2 new crocheted hats from my little sister, who is a total rockstar, and I bought a hat from a friend's sister who just opened a custom knitting business! Check her out, she's sweet and affordable and reliable and great, and her stuff is cute.

So yeah. My life is full of cheese, kittens, fashionable clothes, and custom knitted hats. It just doesn't get better than that :)

Tonight and tomorrow is Yom Kippur, so I'm heading up to SF for services with my darling B & R, then off to do my yearly ritual tomorrow (every year on Yom Kippur I do a yearly accounting - go back through my journals & calendars month by month, figuring out what I've done, what I've learned, what I've screwed up, etc. I take in the lessons and let go of whatever I don't want to bring into the next year. It's a really grounding and cleansing process, and I've done this every year since... 1994 I think. It keeps my head in order.), then will hit evening services in SF to wrap up the holiday, and then go over to my Padrino's for a rogacion. Lots of good stuff.

Date: 2012-02-23 03:04 pm (UTC)
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any good resources on waxing one's cheese? Im' all DIY like that...


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