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I have this really charming friend. She's someone who I won't hear from for 6 months or longer, then out of nowhere get an email from her as though we were continuing some conversation I don't remember us having started.  I find her absolutely charming and wonderful, and she frequently reminds me to look for magic in the world, occasionally pointing a finger towards a particular bit of magic she's really excited about right now. And our sense of whimsy and delight are actually pretty darned well matched.

So the latest delightfulness from her was an email telling me about Fairy Doors!  This is my favorite thing ever this week!  Go go go and check this out b/c it's really delightful! I love the whimsy of randomly putting tiny doors in unassuming locations.

So this set off a flurry of back & forth emails and facebook comments about the awesomeness of tiny doors, and a vague plan to start actually making and installing them. Of course. B/c I'm the bear and that's how I roll.  So I found tons of websites! both for supplies to make my own, and for where to buy already-made doors.  I've placed an order for a few unfinished doll house doors and accessories, and I have a Plan to start playing with making these. I'll start with one in or around my house (or possibly outside attached to a tree), and then maybe branch out and install one someplace random. Seriously! Fairy doors!  How awesome is that? The guy whose original website I linked to above - his are incredible. He's an architect, and with several of his "doors", you can peer through tiny windows to see a whole doll-house diorama inside. I might only have enough skill to place a door that maybe doesn't open. We'll see how inspired I get... :)

So I'm sure at least one of you reading this wants to make or obtain one of these amazing things, right? :) And even if you don't, if I post this here I'll have all my links in one place for my own purposes...  So here! Some links!

If you want to make your own doors: - lots of adorable accessories - more accessories! - OMG IT'S THE WINNER - miniature inlays! Gorgeous! - This is what we're looking for - has unpainted doors, windows, chimneys, etc. SO INCREDIBLE! I think I'm gonna get a tiny fireplace just because, and maybe install it next to my actual fireplace :). - more unpainted doors, plus hinges, door knobs, lock plates & keys, wainscotting, shingles, windows... etc.

If you want to buy doors:


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