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So my father wrote me yesterday a very brief email. It said:
"Paleo Diet.
What do you think?
love, Dad"

Seriously, that was the whole email.  So I sent him a long email back about the pros & cons etc, and we've been dialoguing about this over email for the past day. I just got off the phone with my sister who gave me some context on where this question originated, and I am *still* trying to catch my breath from laughing.  Apparently a few days ago, my dad told J that his doctor recommended he look into the paleo diet to help control his diabetes.  He started asking her a million questions about it. Her broken record response to him was, "Why don't you call B?  I bet B knows all about this. Hey, your daughter B is a nutritionist and she talks about this stuff all the time. You know who would totally know the answer to that question? B." etc.  J also told me that later in the conversation she was talking to my mother, while my dad shouted in the background, "The diet says I can eat reindeer!! I wanna eat reindeer!" mom: "We're having chicken for dinner!" dad: "I don't want chicken! I want reindeer!"  mom: "Shuddup we're having chicken for dinner!!" dad: "I hate chicken! I only want reindeer!" and then made a whole bunch of caveman noises in her general direction.

*gasp wheeze* omg my family my family. I love my family.

I have promised my sister that we will only refer to this diet as "Daddy's Ooga Booga Caveman Diet".  I'm already looking into mail order exotic meats for father's day.
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